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Recruiting Employees During a Pandemic

The “new normal” is slowly creeping in, and that means that we should say goodbye to the old way of doing things, including our old hiring processes. We have learned, on the fly in many cases, to run an operation via a remote workforce, and we know that remote working arrangements are not going away. It is incumbent upon us to learn how to recruit employees using virtual tools. Here are some things to think about as we shift into the new normal.

Recruit Employees Using Virtual Tools

If you are already utilizing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), review its virtual capabilities. Many ATS platforms make it easy with virtual pre-screening and interviewing options, and automated candidate reminders and follow-ups. Make sure that HR employees and hiring managers get trained on how to best use these tools so that the hiring process itself doesn’t encumber your overall recruitment.

Once an updated hiring approach is in place, get the word out that you are hiring. Candidates are anxious, so be sure that your company’s online presence highlights the company’s strengths and competitive edge in the marketplace. Highlight new positions and make sure to eliminate postings that are no longer available. Advertise job openings via company social media accounts and ask your employees to share on their own accounts. Engaged and happy employees who share their company’s posts speak volumes about the company’s culture. Do they need some encouragement? Consider offering a meaningful referral bonus as an incentive to share and aid in recruitment.

Finally, and the most difficult element in the new normal, remember that effective communication is critical. Recruiting virtually, while certainly efficient and a safe alternative in a pandemic, eliminates opportunities to really connect with a person face-to-face. So, be sure to analyze every step of the process to ensure that all documents and interactions are thorough in offering as much information as possible. Create job descriptions that include details describing the work environment and any remote requirements, including company support in set-up and support. Frequently update top candidates on the hiring timeline to keep them close without losing their interest and quickly notify those who will not move forward. The candidates you pass on today could be perfect for your next opening, so treat them well!

When possible, use non-virtual materials and tools to connect more personally with the candidate/new employees.  Here a few ideas:

  • Prior to their start date, mail them a welcome card signed by their new team
  • Send orientation materials to their home rather than having all electronic copies
  • Send some swag! Who doesn’t love a coffee mug or mouse pad with their new company’s logo?

Remember that the tenor of your recruitment process is the first impression of the company’s culture a candidate will receive. Moving to virtual recruitment can still offer the right connection needed for a good hiring decision if the time and effort ensuring the steps yield the result are thoroughly reviewed.

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