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Leadership Development That Actually Develops Leaders

When it comes to employee development and training, one of the most discussed topics with our clients is their need for stronger leadership competency within their organization. The one thing that most of our clients are hesitant to spend time and money on is Leadership Development.

Crazy, right?

Not really. Most organizations are moving so quickly that removing highly depended-upon leaders/managers from their day to day work is difficult, and sometimes, impossible to do. Even for true, immersive development that will yield positive, desirable results this can be a challenge to achieve. Additionally, the typical seminar/conference is thought of as successful in creating new competency by a “whopping” 23% of those who attend them and costs more $2,000 a pop for the good ones. Yikes. That’s a lot of time and money for minimal payoff.

Cultivating a Leadership Culture

So, how do organizations create an environment where true leadership ability can be cultivated and demonstrated such that it defines the culture? Today’s answer is simply…coaching. Individualized coaching for managers/leaders allows the employee to participate within their schedule (ex: one meeting a month over breakfast, lunch, or otherwise) and over a reasonable period of time (6 months or longer).

The meetings between employee and coach are in shorter clips than a typical conference, and more frequent visits allow for accountability in actually learning new skills and demonstrating them at work to yield the desired outcomes.

Customized Coaching That Works

This customized approach is not only more workable and efficient from a time standpoint, but from a cost-management and results perspective as well. We offer these coaching opportunities, personalized for any participant. Contact us to learn how we can help you develop the leaders within your organization or to learn about the many HR consulting resources that we offer.

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